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02 December 2007 @ 02:16 pm
Voting Round Two  

Voting ends on December 15, 2007!!! (That's about two weeks)

PLEASE vote only ONE story per category.

If there are any broken links, please let me know!

The Birds and the Bees: Best Smut Nominations

Red Silk Dress  by Sparrows_Dragonfly (NC17)

Fate Intervenes by Gylzgirl (NC17)
Unforgivable by Perla Negra (NC17)

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword: Best Author Nominations

Sleepy Lotus
Sparrow's Swann


Sail to the End of the Earth and Beyond: Best Epic (15+ Chapters) Nominations:

Apprentice to the Sorcerer by Savvyal (NC17)

Sarvana by BrethlessM (R)
Noblesse Oblige (PG13/T)

Amazing How Those Two Things Coincide: Best Love/Hate fic Nominations:

Diverted Plans by MeganSparrow (PG13/T)
Destruction by Claudia Mary Gacrux (R/M)
Put Him in Bed with the Governor's Daughter by Sassy08 (PG13/T)

Pirate King: Best Jack's POV Nominations

My Point of View by DesiringPirates (PG)
Bearing by Dream Descends (K)
In Her Eyes of Gold by Darnaguen (K)

Pirate Queen: Best Elizabeth's POV Nominations

Apprentice to the Sorcerer by Savvyal (NC17)
Living in the Memories by Savvysparrowluv (T)
Dark Shadows in my Eyes by Savvysparrowluv (PG)

A Love Short and Sweet: Best Oneshot Nominations

The Scent of a Pirate by Gea (PG)
One Look by Sparrow's Swann (PG)
Jack by Sparrow's Swann (PG13)
Dark Shadows in my Eyes by Savvysparrowluv (K)
Final Stand by Sparrow's Flight (T)

A Pirate's Dinghy: Best Drabble (under 500 words) Nominations:

Mists of Time by Geekmama (G)
Only a Kiss by Geekmama (K)
Ships that Pass in the Night by Jasmine_signet (K)
Caribbean Love by blacklilac (T)

My Heart Will Go On: Best Tear-jerker Nominations

Silence by Labyrinths (K)
Kohl by Sir Francis Drake's Heir (PG)
What you Really Want by Lakritzwolf (M)

Should We Meet Again: Best Post-AWE Nominations

Have We Met Before? by Florencia7 (T-M)
More than One Way to Live Forever (M)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Fountain of Youth by DarkShine07 (T)

Learning to Trust, Learning to Fly: Best Angst Nominations

When the Rum Runs Out by KohlLinedEyes (NC17)
No Time Like the Present! by Jack.Sparrow.1245 (T)
A Gift of Heaven by Sleepy_Lotus (T)
Caribbean Wind by Evil Kath (T)

Bring Me That Horizon: Best Action/Adventure Nominations

More than One Way to Live Forever by Sleepy Lotus (M)
Fate Intervenes by hungrystudent (M)
Fate Intervenes by GylzGirl (NC17)

Devils, Black Sheep, and Really Bad Eggs: Most Creative Story Nominations

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Musical by JediPirate_Jaeh and SavvySparrowluv (PG13)
Caribbean Hybrid by WickedPiratez (M)
Dear Jack by Lady Pirate (PG)
Two Days by DesiringPirates (M)

How All the Pieces Fit Together...: Best Completed fic Nominations

Pearls by LadyPirate (MA)
Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow by Lakritzwolf (M)
Ship in a Bottle by Lady Pirate (M/NC17)

Where the Compass Points: Best Incomplete Fic Nominations: 

Complications Arose by Tanzfieber (K+)
The War Within by tjbaby (T)
All the King's Men by Alchemistc (PG)