Winners Round 03

Alright, here is the winner's post finally - sorry for the long wait, my dears. All the info is behind the cut and my co-mod or I should be posting the artwork and emailing notifications to the authors within a few days.

There is one category you will notice that is not included below. Despite having a revote, there was still a four-way tie in the "Complete" Category so I'll have to ask you again to please vote for that category (though I will only be including the four stories of the five that received a vote during the last revote). One vote per person and you have until May 27th to vote - I'll post the result later that day.

Here are the four stories:

Wrong Decision, Right Reasons by Klp_8 (Maidenfairhair)
Have We Met Before? by Florencia7
Savarna by BrethlessM
A Charm of Feathers by Lakritzwolf

This was a very close round for many categories, there were so many amazing fics to choose from! Congrats to all those who were nominated and those who won!

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The round is ALMOST over - we've got a lot of votes in and thank you to all who did vote! Though, in several categories we've got a tiebreaker, so now a three days re-vote is to commence.

Vote like you usually do, but only for these categories: Collapse )

The re-vote lasts until 24/4.


Well, the votes are in!! Thanks so much to everyone for their participation. We'll be tallying the votes later today and posting winners and their banners over the weekend. Congrats again to all who were nominated and thanks to all who voted!


Voting Now OPEN!!!

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to freijo_art for all her hard work with nominations and to EVERYONE WHO NOMINATED!! We had a huge response this round, our largest ever - so thank you very much for your participation.

A few categories had to be excluded from the awards due to an insufficient number of nominations in the category (the minimum being three noms for a category to be cleared for voting). I realize there is probably some confusion regarding this rule (since we currently screen all noms, so its impossible for you to be able to see if a category is clear or not) - rest assured I'm working with freijo_art to tweak the rules for the next round so this sort of problem can be avoided.

Also, several fics were excluded in the competition either by request of the author or due to the fic already winning in that particular category or due to lack of sparrabeth content (remember, it must be more than implication)

Please remember the rules for voting!! Use the format listed on our user info page and please read over the rules listed there before you vote.

VOTING ENDS APRIL 16TH! So please place your votes before then ^_^

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Nominations (until 30th of March)

Hello everyone! I'm the new co-moderator of sparrabeth_sea (thank you for this opportunity desiring_me) and here is the new nominations post! You have two weeks to get your fan fiction entries in (31th of March).

Please follow the guidlines for nominating and have fun, any questions you might have you can always send us a note and we'll get back to you.

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Hello everyone!

A couple quick announcements to share about the awards. First of all, after a lot of thought, I've chosen freijo_art to act as the new co-moderator for the Sparrabeth Awards, so please be sure to give her a warm welcome :) Thank you so much to everyone that applied, I really appreciate your support to the awards. Secondly, and last, the Awards should reopen for nominations very soon so keep an eye out on your friends page for the nominations post.

Thanks for reading, I hope you'll all participate during noms! :D

Announcements - Please Read


Well, so far the Sparrabth Awards have been a huge success thanks to our wonderful nominators and voters, our previous administrative team and all those fabulous authors out there! (riotous applause)

I've got a couple of announcements to make....

Firstly, the next session of the awards should be starting up sometime in February, so start gathering those fics together for nominations! ^____^

Secondly, I'm currently looking for a co-moderator to help me run the awards. Comment or send me a message if you're interested and let me know what experience (if any) you've got, how much spare time you have to help, and why you want to help run the Sparrabeth Awards.

Thanks so much, everyone! I couldn't have the awards without all of you! :)

Winners and Banners

Hello all!

We had a lot of submissions this round, and some tough competition between the fics - there were so many good ones to vote for! Now before I announce the winners, a quick...

Note to Winners: Please comment and let us know you recieved your banner or if anything was spelled incorrectly! Thank you!

Banners were made my yours truly, but the stunning and incredibly hot manip used in the "Best Smut" banner was done by the amazingly talented Amandamichelle8. Please credit if you decide to repost your banner anywhere. Thanks! =)

And now.....

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