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Winners and Banners :)

Okay...its the moment you've all been waiting for...the announcement of the winners for the Sparrabeth Awards!

*opens virtual envelope*

1. The Birds and the Seas: Best Smut - "Apprentice to a Sorcerer" by Savaial

2. The Pen is Mightier than the Sword: Best Author - "DesiringPirates"

3. Learning to Trust, Learning to Fly: Best Angst - "Dreaming of You" by Evilkath

4. My Heart Will Go On: Best Tear-Jerker - "Never Alone" by Captain_Uschi

5. How All The Pieces Fit Together: Best Completed Fic - "Bring Me That Horizon" by ACleverName

6. Where the Compass Points: Best Incomplete Fic - "Caribbean Wind" by EvilKath

7. A Love Short And Sweet: Best Oneshot - "You're Alive" by DesiringPirates

8. Sail To The End Of The Earth And Beyond: Best Epic - "So Much To Learn" by AdhesivePrincess

9. Fledgling: Best Tale With A Baby - *TIE* "Aftermath" by Salr323 and "A Pirate's Heart" by SavvySparrowLuv

10. Pirate King: Best Jack POV - "By Moonlight" by Blackpearl.fantasy

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

11. Pirate Queen: Best Elizabeth POV - "A Gift of Heaven" by Sleepy Lotus

12. A Pirate's Dinghy: Best Drabble - *TIE* "Dizzy" by Choose2Live and "Embrace" by WonkasChocolate

13. Devils, Black Sheep, Really Bad Eggs: Most Creative - "A Gift Of Heaven" by Sleepy Lotus

Congratulations to all of the winners! Banners and Art donated by the incredibly talented JoanJoan - please give her due credit if you post these banners anywhere. Thanks, see you all on the next nomination round! :D

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