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Winners Round 03

Alright, here is the winner's post finally - sorry for the long wait, my dears. All the info is behind the cut and my co-mod or I should be posting the artwork and emailing notifications to the authors within a few days.

There is one category you will notice that is not included below. Despite having a revote, there was still a four-way tie in the "Complete" Category so I'll have to ask you again to please vote for that category (though I will only be including the four stories of the five that received a vote during the last revote). One vote per person and you have until May 27th to vote - I'll post the result later that day.

Here are the four stories:

Wrong Decision, Right Reasons by Klp_8 (Maidenfairhair)
Have We Met Before? by Florencia7
Savarna by BrethlessM
A Charm of Feathers by Lakritzwolf

This was a very close round for many categories, there were so many amazing fics to choose from! Congrats to all those who were nominated and those who won!

Best Smut : What in me is Bright Defend by Djarum99

Best Post At Worlds End: Beyond the Far Horizon by Salr323

Best Drabble: Hands by Tuesday Suit

Best Love/Hate: Beyond the Far Horizon by Salr323

Best Angst: Beyond the Far Horizon by Salr323

Best Action/Adventure: Tall Ship Tales One-Five by pOwdermonkey

Best Incomplete: Redemption by Bellbubble

Best Oneshot: Living in the Memories by Savvysparrowluv

Best Author: salr323

Best Creative: Mr. Sparrow by Tiamary

Let me know if I've left anything out! Thanks for your continued support of the awards, I once again apologize for this post being so very late.

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