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16 November 2007 @ 05:45 pm
Remember, all fic of all ratings can be entered into all categories.

Collect your fics and please follow the guidlines for nominating - you have TWO WEEKS (Saturday, Nov. 17 - Nov. 30 (or 31)) to nominate fiction!!

15 November 2007 @ 12:35 pm
I apologi ze. THIS week the contest will start - I got sidetracked by school.

But no worries, contest number 2 WILL happen!
12 November 2007 @ 08:18 am


Yes, yes. I think it is about time to start up another challenge, don't you? So, get all your good fic together and prepare for the categories - they have changed since last time, and as do the rules!

ANNOUNCEMENT: NC17 stories are now accepted into each category!!

Some small stuff (the ones important are highlighted):

1. This is a community only for Sparrabeth fanfiction. Fics with other pairings are fine as long as the fic includes a decent amount of Sparrabeth content (more than implied, please!)

2. All types of fics are welcomed: oneshots, songfics, multi-chaptered etc.

3. All ratings are accepted, but you must state the rating in the nomination form.

4. The Sparrabeth Award winners will be announced at the end of the voting and nomination period. I will post a notice on the LJ when nominations open (which will last for two weeks) and when the voting session opens (which will also last two weeks). Winners will be announced on the homepage and sent an email informing them of their win.

5. It is prefered, but not a requirement, that you be a member of this community to vote/nominate.

6. Nominations *must* be in the format posted below to be considered - thanks.

7. For a category to be cleared for voting, it must have a minimum of three (3) nominations (the maximum being eight (8)).

ANY QUESTIONS/COMMENTS/CONCERNS please e-mail us about it.

The new categories will be posted NOVEMBER 17, 2007.
29 September 2007 @ 03:23 pm
Okay...its the moment you've all been waiting for...the announcement of the winners for the Sparrabeth Awards!

And the winners are.....Collapse )
21 September 2007 @ 03:09 pm
Attention all members, fans and lurkers!

Voting for Round 1 ends Tomorrow, Sunday September 23rd at 12:01 AM CST. If you still haven't voted, go ahead and get your votes in before that date :)

Thanks to all who have voted so far!

08 September 2007 @ 09:05 pm
Hello Lovely Members!

The nominations are in and its time for voting to commence! However, if a category did not have the minimum of at least 3 nominations, it was not included in this voting round. To read one of the nominated stories, click the title and you will be taken to the story link.

***Please use the following format when placing your votes!!!***

To vote, use the following form in a comment. Only votes in this format will be valid.

Story Title:

Again, please note that you can only vote once per category. Thanks!


Business aside, here are the nominations:

The Birds and the Seas: Best Smut
1. Apprentice To A SorcererCollapse ) by Savaial
2. DesireCollapse ) by Piratemistress
3. Fate IntervenesCollapse ) by Glyzgirl
4. EmeraldCollapse ) by Sage-laurel.
5. Proper PiratesCollapse ) by Penknife
6. A PrioriCollapse ) by Djarum99
7. Sparrow's OdesseyCollapse ) by Lady Pirate_Fic
8. Red Silk DressCollapse ) by Sparrows_Dragonfly

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword: Best Author
1. DesiringPiratesCollapse )
2. Salr323Collapse )
3. ArtaxastraCollapse )

Learning To Trust, Learning To Fly: Best Angst
1. Dreaming Of YouCollapse ) by EvilKath
2. I Saw 3 ShipsCollapse ) by Madamx28
3. Have We Met Before?Collapse ) by Florencia7

My Heart Will Go On: Best Tear-Jerker
1. Semper FedelisCollapse ) by Salr323
2. The Fall Of A SparrowCollapse ) by Salr 323
3. Never Never NeverCollapse ) by Im_jillybean
4. Never AloneCollapse ) by Captain_Uschi
5. The Flying DutchmanCollapse ) by BrethlessM

How All The Pieces Fit Together...Best Completed Fic
1. Bring Me That HorizonCollapse ) by ACleverName
2. UntitledCollapse ) by Unwillinglyloved
3. Down TogetherCollapse ) by Bravenewcentury

Where The Compass Points: Best Incomplete Fic
1. Love & Betrayal At World's EndCollapse ) by Chokolate Kiss
2. Caribbean WindCollapse ) by EvilKath
3. SavarnaCollapse ) by BrethlessM

A Love Short And Sweet: Best Oneshot
1. You're AliveCollapse ) by DesiringPirates
2. Time Of Blooming OrchidsCollapse ) by Jojothecr
3. Never AloneCollapse ) by Captain_Uschi

Sail To The End Of The Earth And Beyond: Best Epic
1. So Much To LearnCollapse ) by AdhesivePrincess
2. Noblesse ObligeCollapse ) by Labyrinths
3. Dead Men Tell No TalesCollapse ) by TheDelightfulBrit
4. His One And OnlyCollapse ) by Niblet3

Fledgling: Best Tale With A Baby
1. A Pirate's HeartCollapse ) by Savvysparrowluv
2. Little VoiceCollapse ) by Coru
3. AftermathCollapse ) by Salr323

Pirate King: Best Jack POV
1. By MoonlightCollapse ) by Blackpearl.fantasy
2. Forgive MeCollapse ) by Niblet3
3. Bringing HeavenCollapse ) by Tdkigha

Pirate Queen: Best Elizabeth POV
1. A Gift Of HeavenCollapse ) by Sleepy Lotus
2. DenialCollapse ) by Dr. Mango
3. CuriosityCollapse ) by Erinya

A Pirate's Dinghy: Best Drabble
1. DizzyCollapse ) by Choose2live
2. EmbraceCollapse ) by WonkasChocolate
3. Mr.Gibbs GossipsCollapse ) by Miss Ruby Tuesday

Devils, Black Sheep, And Really Bad Eggs: Most Creative
1. The Seven Names Of Elizabeth SwannCollapse ) by Darnaquen
2. Jet And AmberCollapse ) by BravenewCentury
3. A Gift Of HeavenCollapse ) by Sleepy Lotus
4. Dead Men Tell No TalesCollapse ) by TheDelightfulBrit
30 August 2007 @ 10:22 am
Hello wonderful members,

After talking with my wonderful co-mod Desiring_Me, we have decided to drop the NC-17 "restraining rule" after the end of this voting and nomination round .

When the next nomination session begins, NC-17 fics can be nominated into any category. However, the currently written rules will stand for this voting/nomination round as the competition has already started. Thus, NC-17 fics are restricted to the Best Smut Category. *However*, fics rated "M" on fanfiction.net will be counted as an "R" fic, so feel free to submit those to any category. With this in mind, *please* make sure you check your fic ratings before nominating - it saves us mods a lot of work.

Sorry to all the NC-17 stories that weren't eligible in certain categories during this round, but please nominate them during the next contest :)

Hope this clears up everything, if not please let me know and I'll do my best to clean up any grey area.

Thank you for all the nominations. I hope that we can make this community very fun and help it become a success.

Your friendly mod,
30 August 2007 @ 08:47 am

Hello lovely community people!!!

To help you later on, when you write stories, to rate your story properly. Just if you are confused and such!


Just so you know, I sent an e-mail to savvy explaining the dropping of the NC17 rule for the next competition (for lack of a better term) and maybe the adding/dropping of some categories. Would it be ok, in your eyes (not saying that savvy has agreed yet!) if for this first round, the rules posted at the userinfo page (which, if you haven't read yet, I suggest you do) are going to be the rules used? They might be changed for the next round- MIGHT BE. Not entirely sure yet. So don't get your hopes up until savvy and I talk it out a bit, ok?

Your friendly (and hard working!) co-mod, DP

28 August 2007 @ 06:29 pm

Dear lovely participants in this competition-

Some problems have come to ours, savvy and DP's, attention, and we wish to address it.

NC17 stories should only be nominated in the Smut category. Because that is what NC17 mostly is - smut. R rated stories are eligible to be nominated in all categories.

As such, some of the nominated stories have to be cut out from the competition. Let it be known that it is not the author's fault, the nominator's fault, nor our fault.But the people who nominate stories should be aware of the rules and in the rules, it states that NC17 fics are to be nominated only in the Best Smut category. With the exception of Best Author, since they have written in a multitude of ratings, and in that category it doesn't matter what the ratings of the stories is AS LONG as that author has written NOT ONLY NC17 stories, but stories from all ratings.

But that is not the only problem that me and savvy have encountered. We have a very simple, very necessary form that you have to fill out when nominating stories. We ask you very kindly to follow the form when nominating.

This community takes a lot of work, as we have received many nominations in the past week. Please, to help us out and make this community successful, please follow the rules for the community and the guidelines to nominating fiction.

Every person who has joined the community and/or nominating stories should read the userinfo page, where our friendly Super-Mod has posted the rules. Just to make sure that every member reads the rules, they will be reposted in this post! 

This is a fun community to work in, and I would like to take a moment and thank everyone who had participated!! If it wasn't for all the nominations, this group would unfortunately die out. THANK you for not letting that happen!

And thank you savvy, for getting this idea and putting it in motion! Thank you!

Your friendly co-mod, Desiring_me (aka DesiringPirates) 

24 August 2007 @ 12:47 pm
Welcome to Sparrabeth_Sea, the site of the Sparrabeth Awards!

I'm the friendly neighborhood mod, SavvySparrowLuv ;)

Here are the categories for the Sparrabeth Awards:

The Birds And The Seas : Best Smut (all entries 17+)

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword : Best Author

Love Birds Of A Feather : Best Fluff/Most Romantic

Sail To The End Of The Earth And Beyond : Best Epic (15+ Chapters)

Amazing How Often Those Two Things Coincide : Best Love/Hate Fic

Pirate King : Best Jack's POV

Pirate Queen : Best Elizabeth's POV

A Love Short And Sweet : Best Oneshot

A Pirate's Dinghy : Best Drabble (under 500 words)

My Heart Will Go On : Best Tear-Jerker

Should We Meet Again : Best Post-At Worlds End

Fledgling : Best Tale with a Baby

Learning To Trust, Learning To Fly : Best Angst

Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum : Best Comedy

Bring Me That Horizon : Best Action/Adventure

Devils, Black Sheep, And Really Bad Eggs : Most Creative

How All The Pieces Fit Together...: Best Completed Fic

Where the Compass Points : Best Incomplete Fic

Nominations are now open for all of these categories! To find out information about voting, nominating a fic and more, please see the user info page!

***If any one is interested, I would like to have a Co-Mod and a banner maker :D Just send me a comment and we'll talk ***